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How Contractors Can Eliminate Paper from the Job Site

Paperless Construction SoftwareIn a typical construction business, paper is everywhere. All those invoices, requisitions, purchase orders, notes and drawings scattered around the office and sprinkled everywhere at the project site.

Not only is locating and retrieving all that paper slowing you down, the cost of things like storage space, paper supplies, and printing can add up fast. Not to mention the fact that misplaced documents like change orders can put a dent in your bottom line.

That’s why we think it’s worth taking a quick look at Paperless Document Management Solutions for Sage Construction Software.

Turning Paper Into Vapor

Document Management technology can turn all that paper into vapor by electronically storing and routing documents like estimates, invoices, change orders, and contracts through your construction accounting software system.

Besides the obvious reduction in paper costs and printing supplies, you’ll improve efficiency because you can retrieve electronic documents in a matter of seconds using the powerful search engine that’s built in to most document management applications.

Eliminate the Paper Chase

Paperless document management provides “one version of the truth” with centralized, web-based management of all project documents. You can access paperless documents in the office or on the road using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. You also get a full audit trail of where the document has been and who has modified it in the past.

No more shuffling contracts or work orders between the job site and the office –  or wasting countless hours digging through file cabinets and folders only to come up empty when you realize the paper or document you were looking for has been lost, misplaced, or sitting on the front seat of your foreman’s truck.

Faster Approvals and Better Workflow

Do you have documents that need to be routed for approval or require further instruction?  No problem.

Paperless document management technology has you covered with rules-based electronic routing and approval.  You can create rules that allow all reviewers to receive a document simultaneously, or routed to individuals in a specific sequence.  By automating routing and approval, you’ll avoid unnecessary delays and keep projects moving along smoothly.

The Benefits of Sage Integration

A couple of the paperless document management solutions we recommend and support at Accordant Co. include Sage Paperless Construction and TimberScan. Sage Paperless Construction integrates with both Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction, while TimberScan is designed only for Sage 300 CRE (formerly called Sage Timberline).

Both products have a different set of features when it comes to the core paperless system. But a key benefit of both is the ability to integrate with your core construction accounting system and seamlessly pass documents back and forth.

You can share document links with other users and view document scans/images from within a variety of Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE modules.  In fact, you can view document images at the same time you’re entering data into your core accounting system.  Plus, invoice creation and approval can be performed from within either your Accounts Payable module or Document Management application.

Wanna Learn More?

There are a host of other features, like email alerts in approval routing and electronic notes/stamps, that Document Management has to offer.

Get in touch with the team at Accordant if you’d like more information, want to see a demo, or to register for an upcoming live webcast.

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