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Customer Spotlight: DDP Roofing Services

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All Operations Under One Roof with Sage 300 Construction

DDP Roofing Services, Inc. is one of the leading commercial roofing providers on the East Coast. When new Controller Susan Parker came aboard, their “clunky and outdated” accounting software was the first thing to go. That’s when the company implemented Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage 300 CRE) to generate invoices 5 times faster, decrease payroll processing time by 50%, and integrate all field and office operations “under one roof.” Here’s the story of how they did it.

A Familiar Feel

Having used Sage 300 CRE at four former workplaces, Controller Susan Parker was already familiar with the speed, efficiency and power that the software could bring to operations at DDP Roofing Services. She says, “We have great integration now between all departments regardless of location. Plus there’s a record of ALL of the transactions in one place without having to search.”

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits and outcomes that DDP experienced after implementing Sage 300 CRE include:

Over 80% Error Reduction

Before Sage 300 CRE, DDP was making 10-15 errors a week. Today, they experience less than two errors per week and “It’s very easy to correct your mistakes,” says Susan … “something that took hours upon hours under the old system has been reduced down to 10-minute sessions now.”

Half the Payroll Processing Time

The time it takes DDP to run payroll has also been slashed – from 5 days to 2.5 days a week. In large part, it’s because all hours captured in the field go directly into the Sage 300 CRE with paperless capabilities.

75% Faster Invoicing

Previously, every work order and invoice had to be entered twice. That’s because the accounting and sales programs didn’t have the ability to interface with each. So right away, DDP cut labor hours in half. Plus, with Service Management and Service Operations fully integrated into Sage 300 CRE, invoices also go out much sooner. According to Susan, work orders can now “be billed in a day or two instead of 7 to 10 days.”

“You get every document that you ever wanted to see … any purchase orders, any material lists that purchasing has, project manager emails – whatever someone has saved there, you have the history of the job at your fingertips.”

Integrated Systems and Add-ons

Not only does Sage 300 CRE pull together all accounting and operations into one single system, there are also key add-on components that can further streamline operations. DDP Roofing took full advantage of that ecosystem with some of the following integrated add-ons:

Sage Service Operations

Sage Service Operations brings DDP field technicians and project managers into the system. Now they see the work orders that have been assigned to them for the day so they’re not calling the office or texting and emailing service coordinators for parts and data and directions.

Sage Paperless Construction

Sage Paperless Construction provides an organized, electronic delivery system so that papers aren’t lost and everything is where it’s supposed to be. Simply enter the job name or number into Sage 300 CRE and “You get every document that you ever wanted to see … any purchase orders, any material lists that purchasing has, project manager emails – whatever someone has saved there, you have the history of the job at your fingertips,” says Susan.


MyAssistant lets DDP decide what information goes where, choose who sees which reports, and schedule their delivery in advance. That way, you can track progress and expenses in real time and make changes, if necessary, during the project rather than waiting until the end of the job.

DDP Roofing: Painless Job Costing with Sage 300 CRE
DDP Roofing: Streamlining Payroll

Sage 300 CRE: You Won’t Regret It

The way DDP has configured Sage 300 CRE and its add-ons has streamlined operations and communications between everyone in the company. But the biggest benefits come from the integration with the field. Job write ups are delivered electronically and, as Susan explains, “Our project managers have them on their iPads and the phone apps. If they want to pull the material list at 9 at night, they can do it.” Plus, the field interface also allows workers to punch in and punch out electronically. Then their actual work time will go on and flow right into the service management module.

“I would say, if you’re considering Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, do it … you will never regret it.”

– Susan Parker, Controller

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