Liberty Reports: How to Combine Multiple Companies on a Single Report

Dec 19, 2018

Have you found yourself wanting to compare data from two or more companies on one report? A common issue that most people think there’s no solution for. With Liberty Reports you have the capability of making queries with one or multiple companies in your Sage 100 Contractor database.

With the robust capabilities of Microsoft Excel, this can be presented in many formats. You can have multiple queries stacked on one tab, or have each query on a separate tab and populate your data on a ‘master’ tab accumulating everything.

The example below shows an AP Vendor Aging report across two companies. Notice the column circled Database. Once you have refreshed this report in Excel you can even go further with Excel’s function such as Sort/Filter. In this example, as long as you are using the same Vendor Name across multiple Companies, you can Sort by that column and now you have all the Vendors across multiple Companies in alphabetical order by Vendor Name.

Event1 Liberty Vendor Aging Report

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