The Importance of Crystal Reports for Sage 300 Construction (CRE)

Oct 14, 2013

Written by David Hardy of Progressive Reports

As Sage 300 CRE users, we are lucky to have so many options for reporting. For years the Sage 300 CRE Report Designer has given us top notch abilities to report data. In addition, the Sage ODBC component allows anyone to export data directly into Microsoft Excel and Access where so many of us feel comfortable writing formulas and formatting data.

Crystal Reports for Sage 300 CRE

Crystal Reports for Sage raises the bar even higher. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Crystal Reports for report creation is its simplicity and ease of use. The report design interface is extremely user friendly and accommodating for users of different skill levels. Crystal Reports is extremely visual based, allowing Sage users to quickly and intuitively create meaningful reports.

Whether building drill down financials, Project Management documents that are the envy of your competitors or Real Estate customer statements and everything else in between the look and accuracy of Crystal Reports is unmatched. Add to that, the ability to combine Logo’s, charts, graphs and tons of conditional formatting including Subreports and you begin to understand why so many companies have turned to Crystal to build their reports.

Consolidated Reporting

Using Crystal Reports for Sage allows for the combining of data from multiple sources whether that be more than one data folder or more than one database. In the world we now operate it isn’t unusual to have corporate data held in many databases and Crystal can retrieve and format data from all sources simultaneously.

Crystal Reports for Sage gives the user the ability to take these stunning reports and add them directly to the Sage Reports menu so any one in the organization can run them at will.

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Crystal Reports: An Industry Standard

You should now understand the value of Crystal Reports as a design application for creating powerful and compelling reports that transform data, from virtually any data source, into meaningful information. Crystal Reports is used by hundreds of thousands of business users to complete a wide array of reporting demands. Crystal Reports is widely accepted as the de facto reporting application around the world.

The proliferation of Crystal Reports is in large part because of its intuitive design environment that enables beginners to create simple reports, as well as empowering more experienced users to design sophisticated reports to satisfy more complex requirements. With each new release of Crystal Reports, hundreds of new features are added offering greater productivity, usability, power, and flexibility for report designers to deliver information. Regardless of the size and complexity of your business Crystal Reports for Sage can service your report design requirements.

Crystal Reports Training

Whether you’re new to Crystal Reports, want to learn some advanced reporting techniques, or just want to brush up on your skills, we offer a variety of Crystal Reports training courses for all levels of skill – from intro courses to advanced skill development.

Click below to check our schedule of upcoming classes.

Crystal Reports Training




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