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Leverage the Power of Dashboards through Sage Intacct

Leverage the power of Sage Intacct SaaS Dashboards to gain knowledge on key business metrics. Sage Intacct Dashboards enable organizational leaders to focus on key performance indicators, while Project Managers can monitor project progress. The Dashboards are interactive and allow users to easily drill down to critical underlying data. Different Dashboards can be formatted for various user roles.

Discover the Seven Key Features of Sage Intacct Dashboards

1. Charts

Display a standard or financial graph.

intacct accounts receivable balance
Intacct gross margin graph
intacct billings report by customer

2. Performance Cards

Used to measure, monitor, and manage business performance. Review key performance indicators at a quick glance.

intacct performance card

3. Records

Display a list of records that have been filtered and sorted, per user input.

Intacct vendor record
Intacct customer list

4. Reports

Display a standard, custom, or financial report.

intacct trade account
intacct cash balance report

5. Smart Links

Allow users to access a URL directly from dashboard.

Intacct Apps Links

6. Collaboration Feeds

Allow users to post information in real time to share expertise, propose new ideas, and confirm transactions are posted correctly, etc. Adding feeds directly to Dashboards allow users to add posts or comments quickly.

Intacct collaboration feeds

7. General

Several options that improve navigation and efficiency, including: calendars, shortcuts for applications, shortcuts for reports, message boards for business leaders to post key information, RSS feeds to pull news and events from external sites, links to Intacct’s help and support, links to Intacct’s Community, and much more …

intacct calendar
intacct report shortcuts

Below are just a few examples of what is possible on the Sage Intacct platform.

intacct controller dashboard
Intacct project performance
intacct role dashboard

The possibilities are endless to create custom dashboards within Sage Intacct. Choose the best combination of data elements to increase business efficiencies and meet organizational needs!

For additional information on Sage Intacct or the creation of Dashboards, contact the experts at Accordant Company, LLC.

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