Liberty Reports: Excel Based Reporting Tool for Sage 100 Contractor

Oct 14, 2013

Liberty Reports: Excel Based Reporting Tool for Sage 100 Contractor

Article Written by Peg Dolente, Senior Consultant, Accordant Company

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to develop a report with the Sage 100 report writer? Have you ever wished that this tool was as user friendly as Excel so you could easily create calculations, arrange or summarize data or add a chart? Well, read on…

Most of us are familiar with Excel and use it to design reports. Prior to 2010 there were three main options when we wanted to analyze Sage 100 data in Excel:

  • Export reports from Sage 100 by clicking the Excel button on the report printing screen and then go through the process of deleting unnecessary rows and columns before manipulating the data.
  • Build a query using the Sage 100 query tool and then export the results to Excel.
  • Use the Microsoft Query tool

All of these techniques were limited. The first two options resulted in a spreadsheet that was disconnected from Sage 100 and could not be refreshed. If you wanted to get the same report for a different period, you needed to go through the process again. The last option, using Microsoft’s query tool, is not something most people feel comfortable using. It is not user friendly for designing reports or changing companies after a report is developed.

Event1 Software came to our rescue in 2010 with the release of Liberty Reports, an Excel based Sage 100 reporting tool. It is an Excel add-in that allows you to easily pull information from Sage 100 databases. Once that information is in Excel, you can leverage what you already know about Excel to develop reports.

Liberty Reports comes with 10 predefined reports that can be refreshed on any company with the click of a button:

  • Financial Statement
  • Job Cost Forecast by Cost Code
  • Job Cost Variance by Cost Code
  • Job List with Maps and Weather
  • Job Schedule
  • Ledger Transactions
  • Project Manager Weekly Job Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Vendor Directory
  • Work In Progress

There are two versions of Liberty Reports:

  • The Standard version runs the predefined reports. Because the reports are in Excel, they can easily be changed. You can rearrange the columns, add new calculations, change the formatting, etc. When you do this, you can turn the workbook into a new report by saving it as an Excel template that can be run again on any Sage 100 company.
  • The Designer version runs predefined reports and also allows the user to design new reports utilizing a query tool and custom functions. The query tool is a wizard that walks you through the steps of pulling information from the Sage 100 database starting with selecting tables and fields and then applying selection conditions and summarizing and sorting if that is needed. The function tool is similar to Excel functions except that it allows you to perform the functions on the database. For example, the Lookup function acts like Excel’s VLOOKUP function but instead of looking up information in Excel, you use it to lookup a field in the database and return it to Excel.

To learn more about Liberty Reports, visit the Event1 Software website where you can watch several short videos that demonsrate the features and functionality of this amazing product:




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