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How Mobile Technology Impacts the Construction Industry

Mobile Field Service

There has been a tremendous rise in the use of mobile devices – and service providers in the construction industry are putting that technology to work for their business. Better mobility means better efficiency, better service, and more profitable operations.

Here’s a look at why companies are equipping their technicians with mobile service tools to help them stay productive and efficient in the field.

Field Service Itself Is Mobile

With most technicians moving all day from one service call to the next, the nature of field service itself is mobile. So it’s no wonder that service calls can come to a halt and efficiency drops significantly when the technician can’t get the data and information they need to keep things moving.

Many construction businesses are running antiquated software or rely on manual processes and spreadsheets to manage operations. As a result, field staff often lacks access to information they need on a service call like customer account information, equipment installed, service history, and more.

To be successful, construction companies need to bridge the gap between field technicians and office staff – and between the technician and their customers – to keep employees informed and productive and keep work orders moving.

That’s where mobile field service comes in.

Mobile Field Service Delivers Efficiency

With so many workers carrying mobile phones and tablets in the field, smart construction companies are putting that technology to work by equipping their team with the mobile service tools they need to stay productive and efficient on the road.

Mobile field service technology provides web-based access to your main construction software system so field technicians get the information needed to complete work orders faster and with fewer service delays or multiple trips to the customer site.

With mobile service tools, field staff can use a phone or tablet to:

  • Check up on work orders
  • Enter real-time service details like time, materials used, and notes
  • Get up-to-date schedules
  • Access documents and collaborate with other team members
  • Create new quotes and take pictures while onsite with a customer
  • Create new purchase orders to a local supply house for quick pickup
  • View and update service contracts or take payment for work orders from the field
  • Enter next customer location and instantly map the directions

Not only does mobile service technology benefit workers in the field, it also benefits your office staff that no longer needs to re-enter service details or follow up on illegible hand-written notes.

In essence, field technicians are bringing the back office with them on the road. Information and updates entered on a mobile device go right into your construction accounting system. So back office personnel and management have real-time operational visibility while technicians can look up account and service records so they stay informed, service more customers, and get the information they need in the field.

Introducing Sage Service Operations

If you think your construction business would benefit from mobile service technology, then we recommend you take a closer look at Sage Service Operations.

Working hand-in-hand with the information and details in your Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate accounting software, Sage Service Operations is a web-based app that delivers information like work order details, invoice status, a dispatch board, employee assignments, job status, and much more straight to any web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

Take a look at this short demo video to see Sage Service Operations in action:

Your Customers Benefit Too

With mobile construction tools like Sage Service Operations, your customers also benefit from a customized self-service online portal where they can access their account information like invoices, work order status, service request history, and previously serviced equipment. They can also request new work orders electronically using the customer portal. Better communication means happier customers and more business.


There was a time when the old pen-and-paper method of reporting from the field was all you had.  But with a mobile device in just about every pocket today, forward-thinking construction companies and contractors are leveraging mobile technology for better efficiency and service.  Equipping your workers with “mobile service” tools helps them stay productive and efficient in the field while keeping your business healthy and profitable.

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