The Move to a Paperless Office

Jun 16, 2020

Going Paperless has never been more important than now with the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there is an obvious need to go paperless to protect employees, customers, and others interacting with your organization. COVID-19 has drastically accelerated the need to innovate and digitize paper-based and in-person processes.

Still passing papers from desk to desk, chasing after physical signatures, and fixing the printer paper jams? If yes, then it is time to evaluate your processes. Become more efficient, and free your organization from paperwork and reduce your costs of administration. Here’s how …

Free Your Organization from Paperwork

A good paperless product can route an invoice around while always being accessible to anyone who needs it at any given time.  Sage Paperless, the product we will concentrate on today, allows you to scan, drag and drop or import an invoice from a folder, desktop, or email.  It can be immediately entered into a queue which is a virtual in-box. Invoices can be properly coded and routed for approval before being exported into your accounting system.

sage paperless construction screen

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The workflow can be adjusted to suit a company’s current workflow.  Route any type of document from drawings or meeting minutes to your HR documents.  It stores the documents in a secure location on your server and can also attach within your accounting software for ease of access.

Sage paperless AP flow

The ability to access documents from anywhere without having to find it in a file cabinet or on someone’s desk is a tremendous cost savings.  You can open your accounting software and go to a vendor, invoice, job or many other fields and see a paper attached under your paperclip.  This opens the viewer for Sage Paperless to see, print or even email the document from that location.  The search feature within Sage Paperless is also very easy to find a document based on the values you save it with.

sage paperless search utility

Security is by document and user within SPC.  It can be as tight as needed or wide open based on company needs.  This also goes for routing a document, which can be set to specifics from the ledger account to a job or a vendor code.  It can also read project managers from within your accounting system and route directly to that person with minimal set up.

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Cost Reduction from Eliminating Paper and Storage for Documents:

Hard Dollar Savings:

  • Substituting electronic repositories for filing cabinets to eliminate long-term storage space
  • Using workflow automation to easily manage high volumes of orders, receiving documents, and invoices
  • Scanning, classifying, recognizing, validating, verifying, and exporting data/images quickly, accurately, cost effectively
  • Providing built-in tools to help avoid late payment penalties, and capture higher percentages of discounts
  • Reducing mailing, postage and shipping costs associated with document delivery, to and from customers or vendors
  • Cutting labor expenses – slashing time for printing, copying, filing, and document research using unsearchable paper
  • Lowering equipment expenses by reducing the need for printers and fax machines,
  • Productivity of employees increases

Success Story: How Sage Paperless Changed the Game for TC Construction Co.

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