How to Simplify Accounts Payable Data Entry in Sage 100 Contractor

Apr 15, 2019

Sage 100 Contractor Tips and Tricks
Material Suppliers tend to send out invoices on a daily, or even an hourly basis.  To stay ahead of the mounds of information (which could also affect Purchase Orders), this Sage 100 Contractor process tip will simplify the data entry procedure.  And the Batch List feature gives you the information to verify your work for accuracy.  It is easy to drill down and change any information necessary, without leaving the Payable Invoices and Credits screen.

Multiple invoices for the same Vendor, different projects.  Some invoices have several projects on one invoice.

Select Vendors > Payable Invoices and Credits.

Enter the invoice information:

Sage 100 Contractor AP Invoices

Click to Zoom


Note the Batch# in the footer of the screen.  (42) 

Before you save – copy the record using the “copy” icon, or Edit > Copy process.

Save the record, using the automatic Save, or distribute the invoice over several cost codes on the Job Cost screen.

Paste the record, change the Invoice Number, the Project and the Amount.  Save as above.  Then paste the record again and repeat the above steps.

If you have one invoice with multiple projects, Paste the record as stated above, and change the Project and the Amount, and leave the Invoice number the same.

Before you exit A/P Invoices and Credits. Select the Batch List at the bottom of the screen, and another screen appears showing the invoice totals for you to edit/correct/verify.

Sage 100 Contractor AP Batch List

Click to Zoom


Now you are able to select all the A/P invoices for one particular Project, when you are ready to make payments.

Note:  Do not exit the screen for A/P Invoices or Credits during this process.  The Batch number will change and you will not be able to get one report for all the invoices on one Vendor in the batch total.




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