Setting Security in Sage 100 Contractor

Sep 26, 2018

Sage 100 Contractor Tips and Tricks
In this article, we examine the built-in security settings of Sage 100 Contractor and provide some tips for configuring those settings to match the needs of your construction business.

Security Admin and Groups

To set security in Sage 100 Contractor you must first login as an Admin user (If you are not designated as a Company Admin, consult an Admin user to make the change).  Make sure to check the appropriate box when viewing your company list:

Sage 100 Security Admin Screen

Next, you should setup user groups at the 7-2-1: Security Group Window. These groups can be employee-specific, but are generally based on employee position. Decide if each group should be able to Save, Delete, Void, Change Period, or Print Checks by typing y (Yes) or n (No) in the appropriate column:

Sage 100 Contractor Security Groups Screen

Then, add users at the 7-2-2: User List window and assign user groups to specific users. You can assign multiple user groups to each user login:

Sage 100 Contractor Security User List

Lastly, highlight any option on the System Menu by clicking on it and press F7. This will bring up a Menu Level Security Window. Select the user groups that should have access to the selected item, and save. Users that are assigned to the selected user groups will have access to the item. See the example below:

Sage 100 Contractor System Menu

You can set security at more granular level by pressing F7 on sub-menu items (example: 3-3-1: Cash Receipts). If you do not set security on sub-menu items, they will inherit security from main menu items (example: 3-1: Receivable Reports, 3-2: Receivable Invoices, 3-3: Receipts, 3-4: Statements, etc. will all inherit security permissions from 3: Accounts Receivable). If you do set security on sub-menu items, these settings with override security set on main menu items.

Remember to not get overly-specific with the security setup, as you do not want to lock out users unintentionally.




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