UrbanCore Construction Streamlines Workflows with Integrated Accounting & Project Management

Jul 10, 2019

Urbancore interior projectUrbanCore Construction is a development and construction firm focusing on residential and commercial properties. After struggling with duplicate data entry, slowed workflow, and delayed reporting, they decided it was time to integrate their Sage 100 Contractor system for accounting with Procore for project management. Here’s what happened when they did.

The Challenge

Before using the Sage 100 Contractor integration, UrbanCore’s team had to double enter information into Sage 100 Contractor and Procore, adding direct costs into both on a monthly basis. They would then reconcile those costs which took upwards of an hour and a half for each project.

This was time-consuming, and it meant they were relying on outdated data that hindered forecasting accuracy. They could only transfer costs into Procore after the financial close each month in Sage which wouldn’t take place until the middle of the following month. As a result, teams didn’t have access to accurate job costs and profits when they needed it most.

The Solution

The company decided to implement the Procore & Sage 100 Contractor Integration which provided UrbanCore Construction with the following benefits:

  • Save time and labor by streamlining the approval process of time-sensitive tasks such as commitments and change orders.
  • Reduce human error by eliminating the need for manual, double-entry when transferring data from Procore to Sage 100 Contractor.
  • More efficient communication between Accounting and Project Management teams.
Sage Procore Integration Map

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page dividerThe Results

With data now automatically synchronizing between Sage 100 Contractor and Procore, the team experienced the following tremendous operational benefits:

Eliminate Double Entry

Instead of entering change orders, direct costs, and budgets into two systems, data easily and automatically syncs between the two—saving each accounting team member about 5 hours per week.

Improved Workflow and Profit Margins

The integration allows teams to view up-to-date job costs and profits at any moment, ensuring more accurate projections. Real-time information means that non-billable trailing costs aren’t slipping through the cracks at the end of every month due to outdated data, which is also boosting cash flow.

Field-to-Office Connectivity

With important financial information seamlessly flowing between Sage 100 and Procore, field and project teams ensure data accuracy and consistency. Operations Managers can view up-to-date job costs and profits anytime, to more accurately predict profit margins and mitigate financial risk.

Ready to Do the Same for Your Business?

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