Why Sage Service Operations is No Longer JUST for Service Companies

Mar 1, 2017

Sage Service Ops on iPad

The new and improved Sage Service Operations (Version 6.4) is now available for both Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE).

While there are some great new features in this release, perhaps the most significant enhancement is the ability to schedule jobs and assign equipment using the same tool you use to schedule work orders. This makes the new and improved Sage Service Operations an extremely valuable tool for more than just service companies, but for overall construction management.

Let’s take a closer look at this new release.

New Features Overview

At a high level, here’s a look at the top new features in Sage Service Operations 6.4.

Job Assignments – Project managers can quickly identify available resources and schedule construction jobs.

Construction Job Time Entry – Workers can specify the number of hours worked and enter cost codes or use an easy to use clock in and out system that can track travel time, breaks, and lunches.

Time Entry Review & Approval – Supervisors, project managers, and payroll administrators can seamlessly review and approve payroll time in one area for work orders, jobs, and miscellaneous time entries.

Dispatch View – larger and customizable views for dispatchers to enable quick and easy scheduling of employees, subcontractors, and equipment to jobs.

Map View – Enhanced map view allowing dispatchers to schedule from the map and visually identify the best resource.

Dashboard – Dashboard displaying service manager/controller charts and metric views (not yet available for Sage 100 Contractor – but will be soon).

Group/Team Management – Set groups (or teams), each with customized workflows based on their process for submittal of time and management review and approval.

Misc. Assignment Scheduling – Dispatchers can schedule PTO, safety training, and sick time alongside work orders and job assignments on the same schedule.

Dispatch and Job Assignments

The dispatch feature now displays separately in Scheduler​ and Map​ views. This new layout provides an enlarged view for the dispatcher.

On the Scheduler​, locate the Work Order​ list down the left side of the page. Use drag-and-drop to assign work orders from the list on the left to the schedule area on the right. This Detail​ section now includes support for Job Assignment creation.

You can now schedule employee work for jobs and work orders. In addition, create job assignments for subcontractors (vendors) and company equipment, such as a crane, dump truck, and forklift.

To create a job assignment on the scheduler:

1. If a list of work orders displays on the left, click to the right of the Filter​ button on the drop-down and select Job.​

2. In the Job Lookup​ box, enter a job number or description for the Job for which you want to schedule. The job remains in the list under the lookup box until you remove it.

3. After you select the job, click the down arrow and a labor cost code list displays below.

4. Click on the cost code and drag to the right onto the appropriate employee, subcontractor or equipment resource on the schedule area of the dispatch page.

Sage Service Ops Job Lookup

Why Sage Service Operations?

Working hand-in-hand with the information and details in your Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction software, Sage Service Operations is a web-based app that delivers information like work order details, invoice status, a dispatch board, employee assignments, job status, and much more straight to any web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

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