Improve Visibility and Workflow Between the Construction Site and Back Office

Sep 4, 2020

Accordant Web Portal

Increase Visibility with the Accordant Web Portal

Construction clients rely on the strength and stability of Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor. These platforms provide management with reliable data to make informed business decisions. At Accordant we recognize, now more than ever, construction firms need a platform solution that offers visibility and connectivity between field personnel and back office personnel in making those important business decisions. With that concept in mind, Accordant built a ‘Web Portal’ solution that allows client’s field personnel to view critical information while on the job site as well as communicate directly with management and their back office teams.

Accordant Web portal company screen

7 Key Features & Benefits of the Accordant ‘Web Portal’

  1. Affords complete visibility on the spending of all departments at all stages of the job.
  2. Allows leadership teams to detect any deviations between actual vs. projected costs and take corrective actions where necessary, this is not possible in a manual Excel-based system.
Portal Project Center

  1. Provides customized Workflows and Processes. Many software applications force the user to adapt to their solution. AWP allows users to customize the grids to meet organizational needs. Clients’ requested work arounds and tools to give them the ability to carry out their internal processes more efficiently. Accounting staff seeing the benefits wanted to gather information from the field as well. Clients needed to gather time, expenses, purchase orders, billing drafts as well as many other items that come about on a day to day basis. Accordant, working together with clients began building the grids and reports needed to fulfill our Clients’ objectives.
AWS Portal Project Summary

  1. Includes over 30 pre-built reports and dashboards!!!
Portal report
AWS Dashboard Report
  1. Runs Report Packages ‘on demand’ or Schedule Packages that allow users to run as many Crystal Reports as needed, including the ability to combine them into one PDF, add a table of contents and provide access anywhere.
  2. Includes Drill Down Costs reports as well as pre-built Accumulated Costs Reports offering Project Managers direct access to key information needed in the field.
  3. Contains Alerts and Distribution Applications which permits users to deliver reporting and set alerts as needed.
Project Center Commitments
Portal Commitment

Clients who have adopted the portal experience an increase in productivity and reduction in costs which they attribute to improved visibility and connection between their field and back office teams. If you are looking to make the move, please contact us via the form below.

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