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Why Contractors Upgrade from QuickBooks to Sage

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Even though your Quickbooks accounting system served your construction business well in the beginning, there comes a time when basic accounting software may no longer meet your needs. As your business grows or becomes more complex, a combination of Quickbooks, spreadsheets, and hand-written notes may no longer cut it.

Here are a few common reasons that contractors and construction firms upgrade from QuickBooks to industry-specific software like Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (aka: Sage 300 CRE).

Designed Specifically for Construction

Because software like Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE are designed specifically for construction, they deliver industry-specific features that you just won’t find in basic accounting software like QuickBooks.

Things like project management, change orders, estimates, cost accounting, scheduling materials, AIA billing, and service management are all consolidated in one single construction software package. There’s no need for external spreadsheets, hand-written notes, and other “work-arounds” that are often required with basic accounting software.

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Better Project Visibility, Better Decisions

With all operations and accounting managed in one system, you have the information you need to manage jobs and make informed decisions. With at-a-glance dashboards, extensive reporting, and drill-down capabilities, Sage Construction Software puts the project information you need front-and-center with the simple click of a mouse.

With an extensive library of built-in and customizable reports and on-screen analytics, you’ll gain the visibility you need to keep projects on track and on budget. And if things change at the project site, you’ll know immediately so you can make quick and intelligent decisions in order to preserve your profit.

Confidence in Your Numbers

Because Sage Construction Software delivers better control over estimates, projects, costs, change orders, and accounting, you have a far more accurate view into your business’s financial health.

By tracking critical operational details such as deadlines, projects tasks, assets, parts, and hours, you’ll gain confidence in your numbers and improve the accuracy of future estimates and jobs. Sage Construction Software also provides built-in audit processes that satisfy certified reporting requirements so your reports contain the details required by unions, sureties and public agencies.

Integration That Keeps Projects Moving

Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE can integrate and manage every step of your business workflow. From estimating and scheduling to job costing and change order management, one entry in Sage Construction Software carries all the way through your system without the need for multiple software systems or duplicate data entry.

With full control over your finances and daily operations, you’ll have the tools and technology to effectively manage projects from bid to completion – keeping your business profitable and moving forward even as you grow and change.

Support from Industry Pros

Because Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE are designed for construction, you get support from industry pros that have been extensively trained in construction accounting and project operations.

With decades of experience serving construction businesses, the customer support center at Sage combined with the industry experts at Accordant Company understand the unique needs and challenges of running a company in the construction industry. So more than just support for accounting or software, you get support and guidance on all aspects of running a profitable construction business.

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