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Training Events: Testimonials

What Attendees Had to Say

At Accordant Company, we strive to deliver training and events that wow our clients – and help them get even more value out of their technology investment.

Based on feedback we’ve received, it sounds like we’re on the right track! Here’s what some of our clients and former training and event attendees had to say about their experience.

Construction Accounting: Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)

“I gained valuable time using the shortcuts and methods Keith taught us.”
– Kelly Emborsky – Chapman Properties

“There are so many useful reports that you probably don’t even know about.”
– Joan Madonna – Zablansky Mechanical Corp.

“Class gives you a broader understanding of the industry – not just a one dimensional view. A wonderful tutor – extremely knowledgeable.”
– Claudia Keene – DCG Capital

“Keith is an excellent trainer, kept the class engaged throughout the 3-day training. His insights into the various applications were invaluable.”
– Ray Larnerd – DCG Capital

“There are always shortcuts that we are unaware of. Check out the class; it’s worth it!”
– Stacey McWellage – Viking Construction

“Good to hear others’ questions. May bring up things you didn’t realize you wanted to know.”
Heather Frommelt – Prism

“Users of all levels can benefit from this training. Beginners will learn how to navigate and use the software efficiently. Experienced users will learn the ins, outs and behind the scenes processes as well as how applications interact with each other.”
– Derek Macri – Carabetta Brothers, Inc.

“The training course was extremely helpful in getting our company started in the right direction with the Sage 300 CRE software. I highly recommend it to anyone who is implementing the software. Keith was extremely knowledgeable and he kept the class interesting and fun.”
– Keith Feuilly – Civetta Cousins JV

Payroll: Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)

“You can always learn something new. This class is worth taking for the extra tips and to practice hands-on.”
– Cheryl Mitchell – Litespeed Electric

“Payroll Managers should take this class as a refresher once a year.”
Joanne Wilder – DCG Capital

“Everyone can learn something new or edit current understanding. I have used Sage 300 CRE for 5 years and learned shortcuts to setup that greatly increase time management of payroll process.”
– Deborah Evans – Knoller Companies

“Keith Andrews is great! Keeps the class engaged. I have worked in payroll using Sage 300 CRE for 2 years and will now be managing others using the system. I thought I was an expert in the application but upon attending this class, I have realized how much more I had to learn. It was an extremely beneficial class!”
– Kylan Gravina – Unicorn Construction

Report Designer: Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)

“Every little bit helps so take advantage of the class.”
– Jackie Monette, Commercial Management Group, Inc.

Project Management: Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)

“Even experienced users come away with a lot of useful information.”
– JoAnn Marano – Schimenti Construction

“It reinforces what you have self-taught. It expands your knowledge and the reason behind what you need to do and why.”
– Jim Novatkaski – Petretti & Assoc.

“Program huge. Always need training maintenance”
– Marc Coccoli – B.J. McGlone

“There is always room for improvement”
– Mark Avcrolon – Dobtol Construction

“I’m new to this software and felt it was a wonderful introduction.”
– Gerard O’Reilly – Metropolitan Enterprises

“Everyone needs training. There is always something you can learn and something you may not be doing right.”
– Erin McGuinness – MBI Group

Boot Camp for Sage Estimating

“You really do need this training to learn all that the software has to offer.”
– Christina McDaniel – Kiel Thomson Company

“The class is well organized.”
– Robert Bamford – Mar-Paul Company Inc.

“Joe knows and points out the shortcuts, tricks & tips to make your life in Sage so much easier.”
– Bob Swearingen – Kossman Development Company

“This should be taken by everyone who is using the Sage Estimating software for the first time.”
– Ron Walker – Heatherwood Communities

Construction Accounting & Payroll: Sage 100 Contractor

“Never stop learning! There is always an opportunity to improve efficiencies and knowledge with training. It may be a small item you learn that can have big results within your organization.”
– Christine Alexander – Steel Nation Inc.

“Definitely worth the knowledge and growth!”
– Marcia Planes – Hudson Meridian

“There’s tons of info I had no idea bout. Very useful.”
– Damond Jamison – Hudson Meridian

“Shortcuts and streamline things to make data entry easier. Gives you new ideas.”
– Tracy Beaudoin – CW Keller & Associates, Inc.

“I received much more information than I would have if I had tried to integrate on my own. Training left me feeling more confident.”
– Lisa Swarbrick – CW Keller & Associates, Inc.

“This class teaches a lot of material from the basics to complex tasks.”
– James Snell – Merrick Design & Build Inc.

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