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Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare Finance

Specialty care providers, dental services organizations (DSOs), management services organizations (MSOs), senior care homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and family physician offices choose Sage Intacct for not only its robust financial management features that enhance operations, but also for its precise capabilities in addressing the unique demands of the healthcare sector.

As a cloud-first, HIPAA-ready accounting platform, Sage Intacct supports every phase of your journey, from in-depth healthcare KPI analytics to precise scenario planning.

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Spotlight On Success

Discover how Personal Healthcare, a senior care management firm, reduced their monthly close time from a week to just a day and achieved annual savings of over 400 person-hours.

Features & Benefits of Sage Intacct for Healthcare


Sage Intacct is HIPAA compliant and will sign a BAA for eligible healthcare clients. With Sage Intacct’s Advanced Audit Trail, you can be sure to safeguard patient information, including PHI. This not only helps in avoiding severe HIPAA violation penalties but also preserves your reputation.

Tailored Healthcare Insights

With a few initial data setups, Sage Intacct can automatically deliver reporting on your essential KPIs like cost/revenue per treatment, location, or referral. Its adaptive and user-friendly dashboards enable stakeholders to make swift, data-informed decisions.

Integration with Key Healthcare Systems

Effortlessly connect Sage Intacct with leading healthcare tools like EHRs (Electronic Health Records) revenue cycle management applications (RCMs), and practice management solutions. These integrations promote data uniformity, minimize redundancy, and provide a thorough perspective on both clinical and financial data.

Streamlined Financial Management

Sage Intacct consolidates financial tasks into one unified system, significantly reducing manual errors and freeing up countless hours each month. Harness its multi-dimensional chart for detailed tracking and immediate reporting on a spectrum of financial metrics, ensuring a comprehensive financial overview.

Advanced Budgeting and Planning

Optimize budgeting accuracy using Sage Intacct’s dynamic tools, which allow you to easily engage in scenario-based planning with just a few clicks. This empowers your healthcare organization to proactively address future fiscal challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

Scalable Growth and Expansion

Sage Intacct adapts seamlessly to healthcare organizations of all sizes. As you grow, the platform scales effortlessly, integrating new departments or locations, ensuring a robust financial foundation at every stage of expansion.

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The Pulse of Modern Healthcare Finance


Rated #1 in customer satisfaction on G2’s Grid®Report for Mid-Market ERP (5 consecutive years).


Exclusively endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


The sole Core Financial Management System that is "Peer Reviewed" by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

TSAOG’s Journey from Microsoft Dynamics to Sage Intacct

Discover how South Texas’ premier orthopedic care provider, TSAOG, transitioned from Microsoft Dynamics to Sage’s cloud-based solution, achieving streamlined financial management and gaining invaluable insights. Watch the video now!

Resources for Healthcare

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Healthcare Financial Dashboards and KPIs That Matter

Read this e-book to find out how to leverage real-time dashboards to make smart data-backed decisions on the fly.

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Sage Intacct for Healthcare Micro-Demo

Explore how to track important healthcare metrics, build custom reports, and analyze outliers in Sage Intacct. This brief demo showcases Sage Intacct’s intuitiveness, offering insights into your healthcare organization with just a few clicks.

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