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Embrace a Holistic Construction Project Management and Transform Your Projects

Streamline Your Processes and Get Clarity on Projects

Sage’s all-in-one construction management solution bridges the gaps between intricate field operations and critical financial data, giving businesses an edge in their construction endeavors. By capturing all management functions into one user-friendly platform with anytime-anywhere data access, Sage Construction Management helps small to medium-sized (SMB) construction businesses boost their everyday efficiency and profitability.

The Construction Solution That Does It All

Core Benefits

What makes Sage Construction Management different from other construction software?

Enhanced Efficiency

Sage streamlines the entire construction process, from lead acquisition to project completion, ensuring every phase operates like clockwork.

Transparent Operations

Say goodbye to hidden details. Dive deep into every aspect, from job costing to invoicing, giving you unparalleled control.

Unified Collaboration

Access and update documents, whether you’re in the office, on the field, or anywhere in between.

Diverse Application

Whether you’re a developer, builder, contractor, Sage Construction Management has tools to streamline your processes.

Cost Effective

Sage offers a clear and straightforward subscription-based pricing structure, ensuring you get maximum value without hidden fees.

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Lead Tracking & Bid Management


Centralized Lead Database: View, organize, and prioritize leads, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.


Bid Packaging: Prepare bids with professionalism. Attach drawings, specs, and vital documents effortlessly.


Estimation: Simplify the estimating process. Import data, attach essential files, and transition estimates into projects seamlessly.

Project & Contract Organization


End-to-end Management: Handle projects from inception to completion without any hiccups.


Flexible Contract Handling: Sage supports diverse contract types, ensuring compatibility with any project.


Unified Tracking: One place for all your leads, bids, and contracts. Organize, view, and manage with ease.

Effortless Collaboration & Project Management


Real-time Data Access: Make informed decisions on the go. Access critical project data anytime, anywhere.


Task Allocation: Assign tasks and set up notifications, ensuring that everyone stays on track.


Document Sharing: Share documents, make markups, and collaborate without barriers.

SEAMLESS Integration with Accounting


Seamless Data Syncing: Whether you use QuickBooks, Sage, or any other accounting software, enjoy effortless synchronization.


Financial Insights: Detailed reports, executive dashboards, and insights at your fingertips.

Spotlight On Success

When Chicago-based construction company, Donatelli Builders, began managing all their projects from start to finish, on one platform, they eliminated double data entry and data silos, and boosted efficiency. Find out how.

Construction PM Made Affordable and Scalable 

Sage Construction Management is tailored for small to mid-sized firms, offering a cost-effective alternative to Procore. With transparent pricing not tied to your project’s value, Sage boosts efficiency and profitability.

Contractors can adopt Sage Construction Essentials package, which bundles Sage Construction Management and Sage Intacct with a heavy discount. Or, you may opt for Sage Construction Management as a standalone, which offers combined financials or versions compatible with accounting tools like QuickBooks.

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